When making any significant luxury purchase, it's only natural that you might have some questions about the company, the product, and the services before you drop down your hard earned money. To help allay any concerns you might have to that end, we are happy to let you know that we have provided some of our most commonly encountered queries about our services, our reservation procedures, and also about what we can let you do while on the road in one of our fine vehicles.

We invite you to read on below the break to check out our most commonly asked questions, and see if there might be an answer to the questions on your mind there. However, if your question is more specific, or if it's not touched on anywhere below... You'll find that our customer service team is friendly and quite knowledgeable when it comes to letting you know what you need to know. They will be more than happy to assist you, and get your journey off on the right track - even if you decide not to book with us! Bottom line... we want you to be happy and satisfied whether we earn your business or not.

This is a decision which we cannot answer fully here online. However, we'll be happy to offer you some pointers to get you started! First thing you will want to consider is the number of occupants you plan on bringing along. We generally advise against packing a vehicle to it's full capacity, as this can make things rather cramped. The Department of Transportation is the organization which specifies the regulations regarding a vehicle's maximum occupant capacity. As you might guess, they have safety in mind, and not comfort. You'll especially want to keep this in mind if your rental is for a wedding. Weddings generally mean outfits that are larger than standard attire, which require more spacious accommodation. So, essentially, if you have a group with 20 total passengers, you may want to consider a bus or limousine that is set by the state as a 24 person capacity. Perhaps, even a bit more if it is a wedding. Another point to consider for weddings and formal events which require "dressing up", while they're not the first thing you'd think of when you say luxury vehicle... a party bus is the perfect choice for a wedding party's transportation. The added room both "hip to hip" and the extra head room gives a group much more space to move around and store your personal items.

Once you've figured out how many passengers you're going to want to comfortably accommodate, the rest of the decision depends entirely upon your personal style preferences. To that end, here's a few questions to keep in mind.

  1. What is most important? Exterior appearance, or interior design & accommodation?
  2. What type of event is our vehicle going to take you out to?
  3. What amenities will you be placing the highest premium on?

The answers to these questions will help our customer service agents direct you to our best vehicle in the quickest and most efficient manner!

All that is required to facilitate a reservation, is knowing how many passengers you're going to accommodate, the date of your run, the time of pickup, and the location you plan on being picked up from. From there, we will assist you in picking out the perfect party bus or limousine. Once you've got your vehicle picked out, all we'll need from you is a deposit. Once you've put your deposit down, your vehicle is booked just for you!

Yes! As long as everyone is legally permitted to drink alcoholic beverages, you are more than welcome to bring along your adult beverages along for everyone's enjoyment.

No, we do not allow any smoking at any time in any of our vehicles. We do this for the preservation and beauty of our vehicles for all customers. However, we do allow for comfort stops. So if anyone in your group needs to stop for a smoke break, simply let your chauffeur know and they'll pull over as soon as it's safe to do so.

As long as there's no subsequent bookings, we'll simply bill you at the standard hourly rate until you're services are all set.

Yes, we definitely have a contract in place for all of our bookings. This is to provide you with protection as well as for our own.

If you would like to peruse the contract ahead of time, we invite you to give us a call so you can take a peek at it. Our representatives will be happy to answer any specific questions you have related to the contract as well as guide you through it directly if you would like that.

We service a pretty broad area surrounding the San Francisco area. For a good idea on where we'll go to provide services, check out our "where we go" page. For the most complete and up to date information, it's always best to get in touch with us directly via email or by giving us a quick call.

While there's no steadfast rules regarding clean-up, we do highly prefer our clients to leave the vehicle in as close to the condition you received it in. However, please note that any damages and excessive clean-up are, of course chargeable. Some normal clean-up is well within acceptable and covered under normal usage conditions.

While, as we mentioned, alcoholic beverage consumption is acceptable on board... We regret that we are unable to provide alcohol to our customers. Any adult beverages you may enjoy while travelling with us, will have to be provided by you or members of your party.

Under normal circumstances, you would simply continue to accrue charges at the normal hourly rate until your run is finished.

Yes! As long as it ends up in the proper place (everyone's stomach), we have absolutely no issues in allowing food on our buses and limos.

Never! All fees are fully disclosed up front and are available for your perusal on our contract.